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TCM Cupping

Cupping is the use of various cup instruments, providing suction to the body. The ability to penetrate 4 inches into the body. Creating stretching while stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation to the underlying muscular/ facia systems. Cupping is among the best deep tissue mho-facial therapies because of the depth of its effect. The process draws out, cellular debris, old blood and other waste from injuries or stagnation. Elimination of this waste is easier at the surface of the skin. Oxygen is essential for all forms of tissue repair and healing. Studies have shown that the negative pressure cause by the vacuum brings Oxygen rich blood to damaged and atrophied tissue.The simultaneous effect of improving the blood and lymphatic system benefits the immune system by creating a more efficient transportation of waste disposal. This drains heat/ toxins, carrying away bacteria and brings in fresh blood within.

Conditions that may respond to Cupping Therapy

~Inflammatory conditions; bursitis and tendonitis

~Stagnante Lymph and Edema~Cellulite~Fibromyalgia~Constipation

~Insomnia~Flaccid and undernourished skin and muscle tissue

~Toxicity~Headaches~Blood pressure~TMJ~Bronchial Complaints

~Pain Chronic and Acute~Plantar Fasciitis

~Athletic Performance and Recovery

~Increased Skin regeneration and healing~Improved Hair Growth

~Improved Metabolism

Michael Phelps 2016 Rio Olympic Cupping

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