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''We are loving the yoga acupressure! We will forsure be signing up for all 3 again for April 🥰I’ve had restless legs, as long as I can remember (came after kids), it comes and goes and I’m usually having to take magnesium to reduce the symptoms. BUTTTT since doing the acupressure I’ve had ZERO restless legs. Which if you have restless legs, you would know just how amazing this is to NOT deal with  🥰 '' 


Since starting Acu-Yoga in January I have no more back pain and feel strong.'' Nicole


When I first heard the word ‘shiatsu’ I wondered if it was a new Japanese car. However, I have quickly learned that it is a type of acupressure technique that has wonderful health and wellness benefits. I have used it for allergies, aches and pains of getting older, energy replenishment, and mental health. Jennifer has a healing touch and kind, non-judgmental attitude that makes treatments enjoyable as well as beneficial!

Jack, since 2011

Shiatsu has been amazing for the whole family.

Where the medical community has failed, shiatsu has provided us with relief.

It has healed us, and helped to prevent illness.

Jennifer’s talent is a blessing for my family.

I finally feel that someone understands our needs and I feel fully supported.

Thank you!

Danielle, since 2014

I really had no idea what to expect from my first visit to Jennifer. But from the moment I was on that table, I knew that these treatments were going to be life changing for me! I am a much calmer version of myself and know when I feel the anxiety of situations starting to change my energy, I have a better understanding of how to help heal myself! It's very important to me that I am not reliant on prescriptions to change how I feel! My friends and family that have followed me to Jennifer all feel better, physically and mentally.

Lorna, since 2013

My 3 year old struggled with boils which turn into cysts. After having to undergo surgery 3 times to remove these reoccurring cysts, we took him to see Jennifer for Shiatsu. One week after starting treatments his eyes cleared up and hasn't had one since.

Renee , since 2014

Like everyone else, I have some medical issues, some serious and some just irritating. When I first saw Jennifer, irritable leg syndrome was annoying but not serious. Esophageal spasms were more serious and painful. Low bone density, osteoporosis, was definitely worrisome. After about a year of treatments with Jennifer, I'm happy to report that the first two issues are still present but less acute and less frequent. At my yearly with my GP, she told me to continue doing whatever I was doing because my bone density had improved by .4. That doesn't seem like a big number, but she (my doctor) thought it was significant. I hope to continue treatments. I believe Jennifer is a healer....thank you Jennifer.

Gabrielle, since 2011

Jen is a master at what she does. She is highly intuitive and is able to pinpoint trouble areas with ease. Given her combined education of Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Reiki her therapeutic sessions never disappoint. She has played a major role in the healing that I required and I don't believe I could have done it with out her. Thanks Jen

Scott, since 2012

Thank you Jen. Absolutely magically peaceful have our sessions been. Stress just seems to melt under your finger tips.

Your Level 1 & 2 courses were so much fun and very enlightening. Brilliant & funny, You are a blessing to many.

De Ross since, 2013

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