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I'm Jennifer Scott-LeBlanc

My healing story starts with my family and a head-on collision. 

Christmas Eve of 2009 my family and I were in a car accident that drastically changed the trajectory of my life. The healing after the accident was not linear, and so began the sleepless nights tending to our kids and their nightmares reliving the accident. 

Following this, in cosmic alignment, I signed up for a Reiki course with my mom and my aunt. This turned out to be nothing short of a miracle for my family. 

Reiki Level I gave me the ability to treat my family and through the magic of energetic healing, in just ONE session, my kids nightmares were gone. 

This kickstarted my journey into the world of ancient healing practices and my choice to share this incredible gift that has proven to help others live in balance.


From there I kept learning, adding new services like Shiatsu and TCM Cupping

I grew my skill set, equipping myself to help those I love, as well as taking the certification to teach others how to provide this for their circles as well. 

I believe everyone is entitled to living well, we should all be empowered with the ability to feel better in body and encourage our natural healing abilities to take place.

What started out as a training session to help my family, has now grown beautifully into a fulfilling business where I get to share these incredible practices with you. 


So what do we offer at Your Balance?

In my craft I blend traditional and non-traditional methods of healing, including Reiki, Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga from my home studio in Leduc County, AB.

I specialize in releasing emotions, easing physical pain, and fostering healing. In my sessions I aim to provide tools to bring home, so that you feel empowered to be the healer you innately are.


When I am not in appointments, I teach courses on Shiatsu and Reiki, and created my signature program called Source Point Energy. This is a method I developed to tap into your entire chakra system from top to bottom healing on a soul and cellular level. Another way I get to add to the wellbeing of the collective is through our Beaumont Wellness Retreat, Return to Yin, a one day event for anyone looking to bring their system back to balance and find peace in an aligned community. 


Join me on the journey to holistic health

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Questions? Ask away


Shiatsu Accreditations

Registered Shiatsu Therapist with SAWC |  RST 

(Registered Shiatsu Therapist Designation)  in good standing since 2021

Designated Shiatsu Therapy Instructor with SAWC

(Registered Shiatsu Therapist Designation)  in good standing since 2021

Registered Shiatsu Therapist with SSTA 

(Saskatchewan Therapist Association) in good standing since 2014

Designated Instructor of Shiatsu Therapy - Alberta Division

In good standing since 2018

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